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Non-fiction in Modern Chuvash Prose (A Study Case of the Novella Genre)

Nikiforova V. V.



Introduction. Modern Chuvash prose is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon in which a variety of artistic and stylistic forms simultaneously coexist [7]. The study of the modern literary process in general and prose in particular is a very crucial task in literary studies. This article explores one of the aspects of modern prose defined as non-fiction, based on the description of individual genre varieties of the prose.

Materials and methods. The material for the study was the artistic works of modern Chuvash writers, namely, the novella genre. From the point of view of the stated topic, the material in Chuvash literary studies is analyzed for the first time, therefore, descriptive and structural methods are the main ones in its study. Chronological framework of the texts studied — the beginning of the XXI century.

Results and discussion. The author of the article for the first time raises the question of the need for a separate study of selected prose works with a documentary beginning within the concept of “non-fiction”.

Conclusion. The study of certain aspects of the genre function contributes to the understanding of its general characteristic features at this stage, as well as the principles of creating the artistic world of modern prose as a whole. In the future, the results obtained can be used to create monographic works on prose of the beginning of the XXI century.

Keywords: non-fiction, modern prose, XXI century, Chuvash prose, novella, genre varieties of novella, documentary novella, military novella, autobiographical novella, novella in letters

For citation: Nikiforova VV. Non-fiction in Modern Chuvash Prose (A Study Case of the Novella Genre). Bulletin of the Research Institute of the Humanities by the Government of the Republic of Mordovia. 2023;15(2):178—185. EDN LNSZVQ




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The article was submitted 31.03.2023; approved after reviewing 11.04.2023; accepted for publication 17.04.2023.


Information about the author:

Vera V. Nikiforova, Senior Researcher of the Philological Branch of the Chuvash State Institute of Humanities (29/1 Moskovsky Ave., Cheboksary 428015, Russia), Candidate of Sciences in Philology, ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0175-5678, vera.nickiforova@yandex.ru


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