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S. S. Kondurushkin’s Work in Literary Criticism of 1900 — 1910s

Vladimirova S. М.



Introduction. The article is devoted to the analysis of the perception of S. S. Kondurushkin's work by contemporary literary criticism and the readership. The main purpose of the article is to give an objective assessment of the place of the writer in the literary process of this period, to determine the role they play in the cultural life of St. Petersburg and Russia.

Materials and methods. The object of the study is the reviews and responses of J. I. Aikhenwald, I. F. Annensky, M. O. Gershenzon, A. I. Kuprin, E. A. Koltonovskaya and others to the novels, short stories and essays of S. С. Kondurushkin. In this research, the author used traditional methods of academic literary studies: biographical, socio-cultural, cultural-historical, the method of holistic analysis of the work.

Results of the study and their discussion. The focus of literary criticism is the stories and essays of Kondurushkin, published on the pages of Russian periodicals (“Russkoe bogatstvo”, “Rech”, etc.), collections of his works in 1908 and 1910, as well as the story “First Exit” and the story “Monk”. The uncommon themes and creative manner of the writer can be noted in the first reviews of some of Kondurushkin's works. A new stage of reception is associated with the publication of a separate collection of “Syrian stories”. Based on the analysis of literary critical reviews and articles by J. I. Eichenwald, M. O. Gershenzon, I. F. Annensky, A. I. Kuprin, E. A. Koltonovskaya and others, the ambiguity of assessments given to the Middle Eastern and military prose of Kondurushkin is shown.

Conclusion. Literary criticism of the era closely followed the creative achievements of the writer, giving them mostly benevolent assessment, although not devoid of a critical note. The result of literary and critical reception of Kondurushkin's work during this period was the formation of his writing reputation as one of the leading representatives of the new literary generation and the recognition of the artistic discoveries made by him.

Keywords: S. S. Kondurushkin, J. I. Eichenwald, M. O. Gershenzon, A. I. Kuprin, E. A. Koltonovskaya, literary and critical reception, Russian literature of the turn of XIX — XX centuries

Funding: This research received financial support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Project No. 21-09-41005.

For citation: Vladimirova SМ. S. S. Kondurushkin’s Work in Literary Criticism of 1900 — 1910s. Bulletin of the Research Institute of the Humanities by the Government of the Republic of Mordovia. 2023;15(3):151—163. EDN TAAQPV




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The article was submitted 10.03.2023; approved after reviewing 12.05.2023; accepted for publication 18.05.2023.


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Svetlana M. Vladimirova, Senior Lecturer of Department of English Philology of National Research Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya Str., Saransk 430005, Russia), ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3258-4779, vladisveta@rambler.ru


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