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The Collision and Figurative System of the Play “On Two Roads” by F. Chesnokov and E. Okin

Karpov N. V.



Introduction. In Mordovian literature, the 1920s were marked by the emergence of drama genres. Particularly popular were the plays that were born in response to events taking place in the country and responded to the burning questions of life. They were distinguished by a simplified depiction of reality and a propaganda character, certain politicization. Dramaturgy, having begun to develop later than poetry and prose, in a short time managed to become the leading type of Mordovian literature.

Materials and methods. The material for the study was the play “Kavto Kiyava” (“On Two Roads”) by F. Chesnokov and E. Okin, which is characterized by an acute conflict and reveals extraordinary and memorable characters. The main research methods were historical-genetic and structural-functional, which made it possible to identify the connection of the work with reality, determine the nature of the conflict and identify the individual characteristics of the heroes of the work.

Results and discussion. The development of the storyline of the play “On Two Roads” is based on the technique of opposition. The ideological basis — the war of the new with the old — in the work with an acute dramatic background is expressed in the confrontation between the Zvonarev brothers. The struggle of their characters, according to the authors, became the driving force of the conflict, reflecting the realities of the Civil War period. The playwrights have built a certain system of characters, which allows them to reveal the idea of the work and show the contradictions in life.

Conclusion. The play “On Two Roads” is one of the best dramatic works of the 1920s. It is characterized by the dynamic development of action, reflecting the essence of the era, the conflict. The figurative system of the work is built on the traditional contrast of that time between positive and negative heroes, fighters for a new life and their opponents.

Keywords: Mordovian drama, play, conflict, figurative system, character, composition

For citation: Karpov NV. The Collision and Figurative System of the Play “On Two Roads” by F. Chesnokov and E. Okin. Bulletin of the Research Institute of the Humanities by the Government of the Republic of Mordovia. 2023;15(4):187—194. EDN DTGYHC




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The article was submitted 05.07.2023; approved after reviewing 04.09.2023; accepted for publication 08.09.2023.


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Nikolay V. Karpov, Postgraduate Student of Department of Finno-Ugric Philology of National Research Mordovia State University (68 Bolshevistskaya Str., Saransk, 430005, Russia), ORCID: https://orcid.org/0009-0005-4711-0850, karpov.nv@inbox.ru


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