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The Formation of Peasant (Farm) Households in the Radishchevsky District of the Ulyanovsk Oblast in the 90s of the ХХ Century

(the Case Study of Newspaper Articles of the Voskhod)

Buzaev D. E.



Introduction. In the context of the development of agriculture, the effective development of peasant (farm) households (PFH) is an important issue for the industry. Its solution will contribute to the further improvement of the area, the formation of human resources and the elimination of the departure of the able-bodied population from rural areas. The purpose of this article is to study the formation of the PFH in the Radishevsky district of the Ulyanovsk oblast.

Materials and methods. The research material was the legislative documents of the Russian Federation and the newspaper articles of the Voskhod issued in the Radishevsky district of the Ulyanovsk oblast (1991 — 1994). In this article, chronological and historical-systematic methods were used.

Results and discussion. All research work on the issue of peasant farm households is based on general information both within the framework of the entire state and individual oblast. Part of the work affects the PFH in the context of the general agrarian economy, agrarian reforms or a single trend. The study of materials on the development of peasant farm households in a single area showed the lack of scientific work in this line of research. In this article, general trends and features of the development of peasant farm households in the region, their positive and negative sides were considered. The work showed the dependence of farmers' activities and their effectiveness on many factors, that is, from personal to socio-economic and political factors.

Conclusion. This research confirms the prospects for the development of the PFH. The examination of a single region allows you to expand the possibilities of studying peasant farm households not only in other areas of a particular oblast, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation.

Keywords: agriculture, peasant farming, land, area, farmer, association, land tax, credit

Funding: this article was prepared within the framework of the research "Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk oblast in 1990 — 2000: socio-economic aspect".

Acknowledgements: The author expresses gratitude to the academic advisor, Professor of the Department of History of Ilya Ulyanov State Pedagogical University, Doctor of Sciences in History, R. A. Mukhamedov.

For citation: Buzaev DE. The Formation of Peasant (Farm) Households in the Radishchevsky District of the Ulyanovsk Oblast in the 90s of the ХХ Century (the Case Study of Newspaper Articles of the Voskhod). Bulletin of the Research Institute of the Humanities by the Government of the Republic of Mordovia. 2023;15(2):125—138. EDN KTCANW




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The article was submitted 09.01.2023; approved after reviewing 27.02.2023; accepted for publication 01.03.2023.


Information about the author:

Denis E. Buzaev, Postgraduate Student of the Department of National History, Ilya Ulyanov State Pedagogical University (4 Lenin Square, Ulyanovsk 432071, Russia), ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-5262-9917, buzaev_76@mail.ru


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